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Wednesday, October 6th, 2004
10:34 am - languages...
At the SLC again...

Well, I turned in that CMLT paper and it actually ended up being pretty good. I'm really proud of my introduction and my works cited page. That might seem weird, but, honestly, I've never had to make such a complicated works cited. All my sources were like, translations and anthologies and stuff, which meant I couldn't use Noodletools for the first time ever. I guess I should get used to actually learning what's in the MLA handbook, considering I'm majoring in Comparative Literature and all.

But yeah, I just finished my first Spanish test, and I have no clue how I did. The vocab sections were easy for me, but the grammar was pretty hard...I get really nervous in that class and second guess myself into putting down the wrong answer. But I guess it doesn't really matter how I did...I want to learn Spanish because I think it's an important and beautiful language, but I really don't think I will ever really "get" it while in the classroom. Cristen and I were talking about this earlier...I honestly think the only way I will learn and be confident in Spanish is if I'm completely immersed in it.

I was thinking about volunteering in Russia for a month this summer, but maybe Spain or Mexico is a better idea. Because it's not like I'm even going to try to learn Russian...Hungarian was complicated enough!

Basic Expressions in Hungarian
Good morning..........Jó reggelt
Good day..............Jó napot
Good evening..........Jó estét
Thank you.............Köszönöm
Excuse me.............Bocsánat!
I am Fred Smith.......Fred Smith vagyok
I understand..........Értem

Pretty weird, huh?

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Monday, October 4th, 2004
3:41 pm - getting focused...
Taking a much needed study break for a few minutes...

Generally, I'm freaking out, as I usually do when I encounter deadlines. It mostly works out alright, though, at least in the past.

I have this paper due tomorrow for Comparative Lit on Wordsworth that I'm quickly getting behind on. I know WHAT I'm going to write, I just haven't exactly written it. I've been working on Stats homework that I just found out was due today at 5:30...argh. And then tomorrow is going to be stressful...turn in that paper, go to Stats, then tutoring til five followed by crochet class from 5:30 until 8. And then I really want to watch the VP debate, but I have a Spanish test on Wednesday that I really need to do well on because my instructor is a crazy bitch (AHH!). Yeah, sigh, and then I have a Religion paper due on Friday and (I think) more Stats homework due, too. This week is quickly becoming overwhelmingly shitty and is requiring a lot of focused study time from me, which I'm not that great at.

So yeah, that's what's going on in my life right now...

At least my room is clean.

current mood: stressed

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Sunday, October 3rd, 2004
1:27 am
Well, my Saturday consisted of sleeping late and then being weirdly productive. After months and months of having a nearly empty room, I finally have a desk! John helped me move it from my mom's house and I tightened it up and proceeded to make my room look way better. Not only do I have a cool desk, but I also have more posters/pictures on the walls and a rug!

It actually looks really great...I finally put up my bodysong poster from Budapest and this cool antique magnetic board my mom got me. It looks like it was originally supposed to hold recipes or something, but I'm planning on using it as a bulletin board.

But after fixing up my room, I made myself some Jambalaya (random, I know) and watched The Surreal Life on VH1. I guess that show is good, but I miss ol' Ron Jeremy and Tammy Faye Baker. This Brigitte Nielsen lady is just ridiculous...I mean, does she really have to dance around in a leopard-print bathing suit in front of Uncle Joey? It's just too weird!

Anyways, after a shower Ntumwa and TLo picked me up and we went to Stephen's going away party. I'm glad I went, but he was so drunk that he probably won't remember any of us were there. He seemed in good spirits, though...When I got there he was like, wrestling in slowmotion with some guy due to his drunkenness...Pretty funny though.

But yeah, even though it was Saturday I just didn't really feel like drinking and stuff. I had some keg beer but found it lacking, and I wasn't tempted at all by moonshine or whiskey, of course. The whole time I just wanted to come home and hang out in my cool-as-hell room, which I am now doing.

Also, I just really missed my boyfriend.

Before I get in bed, I want to wish my brother Will a happy birthday! He is soo cool and awesome!

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Thursday, September 30th, 2004
10:06 pm - debate time!
Watching the presidential debate with Ntumwa...

John Kerry is doing a great job...

He mentioned that many American troops were sent to Afghanistan and/or Iraq without the proper body armour, which isn't that widespread of an issue.

Read about the soldiers who brought this issue to the public eye at:


Back to alternating between being impressed and enraged every 1.5 minutes or so...

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Wednesday, September 29th, 2004
12:07 am - chernobyl
Last night I saw one of the most disturbing documentaries I’ve ever seen. It was called “Chernobyl Heart” and was about the effects of radiation on children who were either born or have lived in the contaminated zone. It followed aid workers around and showed them exploring hospitals and orphanages.

It was just so strange because, even though I know about Chernobyl, I’d never really thought about the effects that the nuclear radiation was still having today. For miles surrounding the reactor, towns and cities are virtual wastelands. Books were left open, children’s toys are scattered, cars are left in the streets…in most of those places, it is illegal to have children living there because the radiation is so devastating.

In the hospitals, they showed children with terrible birth defects. One little girl was born with her brain in a huge sack outside of her skull…another boy had a massive tumor containing his kidneys that made it impossible for him to walk. A lot of the kids had deformed feet and hands or painful skin conditions. It was awful to see, but I’m glad I did. How else would I have known that birth defects have increased by 250% since Chernobyl, or that the average life expectancy of children with abnormal radiation levels is about 32?

So basically, here are some links that I wanted to share. Also, if you get HBO, you should sit down and watch “Chernobyl Heart.” These kids are enduring a terrible existence in a place where the treatments they need are not accessible…The least we can do is care about them, you know?


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Monday, September 27th, 2004
2:46 pm - rain
Well, I'm in the SLC right now enjoying a brief escape from the horrible rain that has been chasing me all day. It has totally sucked. I couldn't find parking downtown, finally parked in the North Deck, by the time I even reached Journalism I was about thirty minutes late for class and completely drenched. So I wandered around the UGA bookstore, bought myself a shirt that says "DAWGS" on it, and ate a little Chick-fil-A. Then off to downtown to drink tea at BlueSky and read some crap for religion...Which brings me to why I'm actually in the SLC...to write a two page "paper" for that class which starts in oh, a little under two hours. I'm not even sure what I have to write about, which I guess is bad...I'm sure I can b.s. something marginally believable, though. Anyways, I should go ahead and start working, but I stumbled upon this awesome knitting website last night...the links are especially cool, lots of free patterns, so check it out...


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2:55 am - FYI
Just to say...the phrase "keep it low around here" was um, borrowed from the Pinback song, "prog" off of their album "blue screen life." It's a great song with great lyrics and I've been pretty obsessed with that album for months and months. I'm gonna sleep now.

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2:30 am - getting started...
I'm really trying to find a way to start blogging again, but I'm having tons of problems. I haven't really done it since early high school, and I had a ton of help, so I'm definitely struggling. Hopefully I can make this cool or something by learning some basic html...trust me, I have no clue what I'm doing, but have faith!

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